Winter Pep Rally....Please Comment After Reading...

Posted by Timothy McGlenn on Feb 13 2012 at 11:09AM PST

Junior Varsity & Varsity Baseball Players…

This past Friday I joined the students in attending the Winter Sports Pep Rally, to celebrate all of our fine winter sports athletes here at Lackey High. While watching the pep rally, I began to reflect on the HEL baseball program and thoughts and questions started to fill my head….what type of team do we have….who are we….what are we…where did we came from….where are we headed….what goals do we have….WHAT ARE WE PLAYING FOR….how are WE going to achieve/accomplish our individual and team goals….

As I was reflecting, I took notice of the banners hanging high in the rafters of the gym. Specifically seeking out baseball, I noticed that in 1972 and 1982 HEL baseball was SMAC Champions and in 2000 we were Regional Champions. Thought number one – In all these years HEL Baseball is only mentioned THREE TIMES on those banners??!! Thought number two – I wonder what those teams were like? What made them better than everyone else in those years? Did they possess “star athletes” or were they a group of grinders, never give up, never die; dirtbags?

My image of those teams, for each of those years baseball was mentioned on the banner, the entire team had dirty, sweaty, bloody, grimy, beat up, ripped up, scraped up, and tore up uniforms each and every time they stepped off the PRACTICE FIELD…I can only imagine what they looked like coming off the playing field…What is your image of those teams?

I continued to imagine…If I were to speak to one of the members of any of those “Championship” teams, how would they remember the team? What would they say? I would imagine they would say things like….

“We’re just a team that scrapes and gets the little things done to win.”

“We brought all we had to the table in every single game. It doesnt matter the conditions or who youre playing or where youre playing. You have to get down and get dirty and do what you have to do to win. It means giving up and at-bat to move the runner over, to hit the sac fly, giving it all until the moment you walk off the field.”

“We always battled every inning. every at-bat. We just played hard-nosed baseball”

“We didnt have the greatest ability: On a scale from 1 to 10, we were a 5, but we always played hard and didnt care how pretty we looked. We just got after it”

“We gave 100 percent in everything we did…always going all-out on every play, and always putting the TEAM before yourself”

“We loved to play the game everyday. We didnt have all the skills of the greatest players, but our attitude and the way we committed ourselves to the game is what made the difference. We dealt with adversity, we were hardnosed, and we were all team players all the time.”

“We took the all-out approach on the field, preparing and working harder than anybody else. BEING THE UNCOMMON WORKER AND PLAYER, NOT JUST ANOTHER PERSON.”

What do you think members of those “Championship” teams would say? In 10 years, could you reflect back and say the same things about your HEL Baseball team? If the answer is NO, the time for change is NOW….And it starts with YOU!

Be part of “Building a Tradition”

Lets add to those banners in the gym…

SMAC Champions 2012 Henry E. Lackey Baseball…I like the sounds of that, do you?…Even better….State Champions – Henry E. Lackey High School 2012….Who are you and how bad do you want it?

See you March 1st,
Coach McGlenn


2012-02-13T15:32:28.000-08:00February 13 2012, at 03:32 PM PST, Timothy McGlenn said:

We don’t have the LaPlata bull pen that everyone reads about in the paper, the quartet of seniors slated to do damage for North Point, but we can have the character, integrity and determination to give every single team in our arena a run for their money. Watch out SMAC – there’s going to be some major upsets this year that no one saw coming!

-Mr. Welch

2012-02-14T08:24:58.000-08:00February 14 2012, at 08:24 AM PST, Ahmed Abdelmageed said:

I think that your right and have to step[ up on the Lackey Baseball club. Everybody thinks that we are a joke but this year we have to change the outlook that people have on use. idk about anybody else but this is my last year and want to go out with the tittle. Im tired of evereybody looking at use like we dont deserve to play. I love this game and if you play for Lackey you should love it as much as i do.

2012-02-14T09:06:40.000-08:00February 14 2012, at 09:06 AM PST, Connor Welch said:

if they didnt have all the skill and still did that good, how good do you think we are gonna do with all of our skill added with that toughness!

2012-02-16T07:44:41.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 07:44 AM PST, Tyrell Allen said:

I really understand where Mr.McGlenn is coming from, The last title was like 12 years ago. (Sigh) We need it back! Players need to stop BS’n, come to conditioning and give it 110 %. Everybody needs to be at conditioning working! It’s been 30 years since we won a title, this year we wil be known everywhere, in the paper, everything! No more 5 minus win seasons, we will be above a good .500. That would be a huge important. I also need to step my game up, I am not where I wanna be. I have a passion for this sport, and I DON’T like to lose. Lets get it together HEL Baseball!

2012-02-16T08:03:39.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 08:03 AM PST, Kyle Shelley said:

I agree with Mr.McGlenn on how we have to make an effort if we want to be reconized as a good team and want to win. I think we need more people to try an play baseball. But if we try like Mr.McGlenn wwe can win

2012-02-16T08:03:57.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 08:03 AM PST, Michael Neeley said:

we need more people at practices and working hard. every practice helps to make us better. the stronger the team we have the better chance we have at competing for a SMAC championship. the past few years have been rough and its time for a change!!!!!

2012-02-16T08:09:58.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 08:09 AM PST, Kenny Ellis said:

hel baseball has been not so good in the past. Nobody would even see us as a compettion. we were on the scheldule and just another win for the top notch teams. we have a chance to go somewhere this year due to all the skill we have. we just dont have to effort out everyone to exced over our expectations from short or anderson and to get anything to hlep us we need to show them we have something.

2012-02-16T09:15:56.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 09:15 AM PST, Steven Cusick said:

i agree with everything. we need to do something this year and show all the other schools were not just a easy w for them.

2012-02-16T11:41:32.000-08:00February 16 2012, at 11:41 AM PST, Tommy Deloache said:

I agree with Connor

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